Saturday, 10 January 2015

ALERT!!! Colon Cancer on rise

"The overall age-adjusted CRC incidence rate decreased by 0.92% (95% CI, −1.14 to −0.70) between 1975 and 2010. There has been a steady decline in the incidence of CRC in patients age 50 years or older, but the opposite trend has been observed for young adults. For patients 20 to 34 years, the incidence rates of localized, regional, and distant colon and rectal cancers have increased. An increasing incidence rate was also observed for patients with rectal cancer aged 35 to 49 years. Based on current trends, in 2030, the incidence rates for colon and rectal cancers will increase by 90.0% and 124.2%, respectively, for patients 20 to 34 years and by 27.7% and 46.0%, respectively, for patients 35 to 49 years."

Above is the result of a study which shows a concerning figure. It tells us that more and more of young people are getting colon carcinoma. 

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